Exciting Adelaide Amazing Race Activities for Family Events

September 30, 2016

Well it started off as a gloomy, rainy day on Saturday for the start of Colleen's Birthday Amazing Race around Adelaide.

For many who had ventured over from Sydney for the weekend of celebrations , it soon turned into a very competitive race with all 5 teams willing to go the extra mile to gain an advantage.The paddle boat race soon had everyone puffing & brought out the competitive spirit with tactics resembling an Americas Cup challenge. Once completed the first 2 teams were racing in different directions to get over the River Torrens.

After visiting a few of Adelaide's well known riverbank sites, it was off to Botanic Gardens to find a latin named Aquatic perennial Flower. Then back thru Rundle St to locate a few tasty restaurants with spice. By the time teams had arrived at Hindmarsh Square it was clear the White team were taking this seriously. The water bottle challenge proved entertaining as usual to any passerbys which may have been forgiven for thinking these teams were part of some crazed dance ritual! The white team did struggle with this challenge initially & as such other teams closed the gap somewhat. Then it was off to The Malls Balls & of course sampling Haighs chocolates before heading down Hindley St on the lookout for Pigs & Polites!

Off to the markets for some hot "bum burner" action & back to Pirie St for another yummy cupcake eating challenge. Along the way teams chose differing modes of transport from skateboards, piggybacks, trams & escalators. Total strangers were called in to verify some very crazy dance moves which were not embarrassing at all?? Then it was a roundabout race back to The Mercure (dodging occassional rain showers) where all teams looked like they had given their all to the cause. Beers & Champagne were on offer to all & sundry as well as eats which kept everyone distracted whilst the scores could be calculated. Although not a hard fast rule to go by, this time it was the Hares that showed that the fastest team can also still be the winner once the dust has settled claiming victory over the rest.

Thanks to Colleen & Justin for organising a not-so competitive fun day of Adelaide sightseeing for her many friends & family. I had fun running it too!


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