Amazing Race Perth Team Challenge and Strategy Play

September 29, 2016

Today's Amazing race team event was staged in the beautiful riverside city of Perth. The weather fined up just in time for the team from Dreamscape to take on the their race around the city.

As the teams arrived to Supreme Court gardens there was an eager anticipation of what these IT gurus would be doing for the next few hours. After a short intro about what makes up a great team and some insights into some of the dysfunctions that may arise in a team the racers were off on the first leg of the race.

The teams would all head off in different directions from the outset suggesting a array of strategies already playing out. The first leg would see the teams getting some funny selfies with Perth's sculptures and finding their next clue with Perth happiest barista at Mini Espresso. From there some of the teams chose to utilise some Buses as their transport strategy. Unfortunately for the Mutt Scabs (blue) this bus would take them way off course in trying to outsmart their competitors doing the clue challenges in reverse order. Kevin & the Chipmunks (Pink) at this point seemed to be the front runners arriving first at the Perth Concert Hall.

One of the highlights of this Perth team building challenge was how the teams took on the team activities at Perth Concert Hall. With a memory test and problem solving water bottle challenge the team were certainly having to access the individual team members and their strengths. CNEB (Green) stumbled in their memory test, but excelled with a very innovative spider web method in their water bottle challenge. Blame Keith (Black) made up some big time also with an incredibly fast completion of this stages challenges. TBC (White) also struggled in some focus with memory, but made their way through the challenges with a little bit of help from BTB facilitator.

The last two legs of the race would clearly see Kevin and the Chipmunks (pink) employ a fast strategy and create a 10 minute gap back to second place CNEB (Green) and it would prove to be an unstoppable lead arriving to the finish line first. Along the way the teams took in Grand Lanes street art walls, Chinatown weirdest food challenge and a race through Perth pub district with stops at various business along the way.

As the teams arrived at Stables bar there was not much time separating CNEB, TBC and Blame Keith. However it was pretty clear that we had a clear winner Kevin and the Chipmunks and clear wooden spooner the Mutt Scabs coming over 30 minutes after the first team.

The tallying of bonus challenges would not change the result, but it did show that the CNEB, The Mutt Scabs were very committed to catching buses even if it did take them off course. And their was Archibald art prize in the making with TBC producing some real quality with a sketch of the strike at Perth mint.

Overall the team at Dreamscape were extremely chuffed with their event around Perth and this race certainly highlighted their strengths as a great problem solving and innovative thinking group.


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