Being One with The Charity Team Building Bike Brigade Activity in Sydney

September 27, 2016

A step into the corporate future was the setting for today's Bike Brigade team building event at Commonwealth Bank new whizz bang building in Darling Harbour. With over a 100 participants this super team building event was going up tempo and high energy and especially so with the event being geared to 'giving back' with all the bikes going to Variety Club and being donated to families in need.

Kicking off the day the corporate teams took on the a series of team building challenges that would highlight their ability to work together under pressure in an variety of challenges about trust, commitment, conflict, accountability, commitment and more. There certainly were a few highlight and some funny moments as the teams took on the challenges and made their way through the relay section of todays event. The Hotes (RED) were extremely flexible fitting through one piece of paper, Bob the Builder (GREEN) and Cattle battle (YELLOW) showed that it not about always doing tasks the fastest.

The second part of the days was to take the bike items gathered in the relay and to build 3 different bikes. As the commonwealth team exchanged laptops and meeting agendas for spanners, screw drivers they worked together to build the bikes for the children. A great vibe filled the atmosphere and as the minutes passed the bikes emerged. After a time period of 45 minutes their were 30 bright and shiny bikes for both girls and boys that would be donated to an extremely happy representative Kathryn from variety.

After a inspiring the speech from Kathryn about the Variety club and particular about a boy called Samuel the Commonwealth back team were really touched and certainly highlighted how good it is to give back to the community.

While everyone were winners on the day we did have to give out the coveted Beyond the Boardroom medals and that went to the Bob the Builders who proved to be supreme on all the team challenges of the day.

Overall a fantastic day and a great opportunity for this team be part of something bigger.


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