Getting Creative with the Fun Commercial Shoot

October 5, 2016

What a fun day out with Team TIMMS!

The sun was shining, everyone was enthusiastic and this lovely Spring day was absolutely perfect for this "Create your own Commercial" team building event. During the morning the team worked through a series of questions around their team, they way they work together and how they think they could improve which resulted in a new Team Social Contract being formed. This will be a valuable tool for the future.

The rest of the day comprised of the team coming up with a concept, writing story boards and then filming a short commercial aimed at new team members and showcasing "What it means to be part of team TIMMS". It was truly a fun and memorable day, everyone had a great time and although there were many weary heads at the end of the day, I can vouch for all involved and say it definitely was a "satisfied" tired which is a great feeling.

Thanks Team TIMMS, we look forward to working with your team building events in the future.


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