How to Develop your Team’s Mental Strength

October 10, 2016

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A mentally strong individual can accomplish great feats. Being able to set a goal and clearly focusing on accomplishing it within the set timeline is perhaps an achievement that all leaders want to achieve for their team. Mental strength refers to the ability of your team to create the best out of every challenge they face.

You can never avoid being faced with difficult situations which can make or break your team. As the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” Having a team with a strong mentality will help you survive challenges and overcome difficulties. So, how can you make sure that your team has the right mix of mental strength and courage? Read the tips below to learn:

  • The experience of grace under pressure. Educate your team about the “good nerves”. Fear of the unknown is normal. As a leader, you need to educate your team the proper way of handling fear. Allow them to experience team building activities Australia which will improve their ability to trust. Make them experience the “courage in numbers”. Trusting every person in the team will make them feel less alone and scared.
  • Focus on what’s important. Guide your team. Allow them to focus on your goals. Before you start a project, get a clear picture of the expected outcomes that will help them define the goals. Minimize the amount of distraction that your team might encounter along the way by planning ahead, generate plan of actions that will help you lead your team. You can do them yourself or you can ask your team to envision the challenges that they might encounter so that the team will be able to get ahead of the game.
  • Cope with failures and mistakes. Reserve a room for mistakes but never be too lenient. As a leader, discover a way of motivating your team whenever they encounter failures. Make them learn from it and help them build confidence as you go along. Know the threshold of your team when it comes to coping with failures and you’ll be able to help them do a good rebound from their mistakes.
  • Mental activities and motivational workshops. Knowledge about one’s mental capabilities helps in creating the mental strength of your team. You can conduct professional development team building events to aid your team in discovering their strengths and weaknesses. Great teamwork and other accomplishments are not just dependent on your team’s knowledge. You’ll be more surprised to know the feats that your team will be able accomplish once their mental strength is developed.  
  • Confidence and positive attitude. Develop trust in your team. Your team learns a lot from their leader. Show them your trust. Be more confident on how they do their work. Back them up with proper guidance and show them the positive attitude that they need to incorporate to their every task.

A team is the reflection of their leader. Creating a great team depends on the quality of work and attitude shown by the leader. Helping your team achieve the needed mental strength in combatting the pressure at work will give you more productive results. Learn more activities that will help you grow your team, contact Beyond the Boardroom Australia today!

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