Elders Rural - Picasso Adelaide

April 18, 2016

The beautiful scenery of Belair Nunyarra conference centre was the scene of a creative explosion of colour, emerging artists and great team work. The Picasso art day team building activity saw 13 participants enjoy a great few hours and the opportunity to channel their inner artist.

To kick off the event we talked about how these two concepts of art and team could come together and particularly the importance of the creative process in the context of the business world. As in every case when you present a paint brush, paint and drawing pencils its certainly evokes a range of mixed emotions.

Once we discovered each person artistic inspiration we got stuck into drawing 101 and the facilitator was able to teach the crew a bit of basic gesture drawing techniques and how to be a good a life model. After a few laughs later with aspirations of future careers in life art modelling and some great drawings the Elder team were warming up for their big challenge for the day.

The next challenge was to see how well they could communicate a drawing to another team member. This activity is all about being specific and thinking about the communication process. This activity produced some stellar reproductions of the pictures.

All of the lead up activities and a painting demonstration by the Beyond the Boardroom facilitator would see the Elders team fully prepared as they embarked on team masterpiece. The next 1.5 hours saw the teams come up with some creative expressions of the theme of "different personalities in a team." The 90 minutes were full of laughs, lots and lots of paint and some funny pics with the crew in their head to toe coveralls.

After the brushes were cleaned, the paints tidied it was time for the Elders Art Exhibition which a member of each time attempted to fake sell their masterpieces to awaiting art collectors. It was great to see how and why the images and symbols that graced their canvas told stories of their teams, their company and themselves.

Overall a great afternoon for team building Adelaide and who knows this may be a start for some emerging artists of the future.


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