Grundfos "6 Thinking Hats" Workshop in Adelaide

April 21, 2016

Six Thinking Hats – Collaborate, Innovate and Think BIG

We had a fabulous team building in Adelaide with the Grundfos team. We started with some highly insightful strengths reflection at a personal and team level.

Honesty and Fairness were true signature strengths within the team – these character strengths aligned with the organisations culture values of ‘sustainability’ and ‘open and trustworthy’. It was fascinating to see perseverance, curiosity, creativity and judgement also in the upper strengths – no doubt as ‘ trend setters’ and innovators in their industry these strengths are the key to success. I loved seeing ‘Relentlessly ambitious’ as a core value and there is no doubt this was evident and aligned with the character strengths in the room.

The 6 Hats activity was a real hit and I am sure will become a great tool for future strategic innovation and decision making. The power of parallel thinking is a fast track system that enables all to contribute and is a very efficient way to channel thought and build well developed decisions. As this group had many with strengths in creative thinking, judgement and curiosity it really was a great way to facilitate such a dynamic group of thinkers and hear all aspects of the groups thoughts and to channel and build on thinking. ‘My face literally hurt from smiling – at the ideas and thoughts that evolved.’

We finished the workshop with a final thread on positive thinking. We incorporated a visual best mood/ worst mood activity to give participants an opportunity to self-reflect. We unpacked some basic neuroscience into why we think best in a positive space.

‘Courage’ was the final word of the day. The group now have some power poses in their tool box to ensure irrespective of what’s going on at any given moment they can they can strike a power pose and get into a more ‘courageous’ headspace in less than a minute!

The three components we covered in the highly interactive workshop build the foundations of ‘mental toughness’. Our ability to use our strengths at optimum and appreciate those with in our team is essential for teams to perform at their best. This coupled with our ability to control and regulate our thoughts and emotions supports an energised, positive and productive team. These are no doubt essential ingredients for all fast past and innovative cultures of today.

Thanks to the Grundfos team for such an enjoyable event – contribution across the board was 100% and it was a true pleasure to work with such a dynamic and authentic team.

Facilitator: Jane Wundersitz
Australian Master Trainer


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