Enjoying the Challenge with the Minute to Win It Team Activity

August 29, 2016

Friday night, neon lights and very hyped up team was the stage for this great super team building event. Tonight’s participants were the team from Blix and they were in for a great night of fun with beyond the boardroom’s Minute to Win it program which is all about using ordinary house hold items in 1 minute challenges.

As the Blix team divided into their teams for the night the competitive spirit rose and the banter began to fly across the room. It was very clear that the team pride was a big prize for the night. It was only a matter of hours to see if the Team Effectives (Red), Hole in One (green) or Team Awesome Sauce (Yellow) would come out on top.

Kicking off tonight first round of games was to test the three teams were being challenged on the mental toughness and ability to problem solve. This would certainly test out the teams with the beverages already flowing. Team Awesome Sauce (yellow) enthusiasm and team spirit proved to be a winning combination with their ability to thread their noodles, stack apples 5 high and work their way through the mind bending paper scissors challenge. Hole in One (green) nailed the paper scissors problem and well team effectives (red) strategy was clearly to give the other teams a head start.

The next round of games would test out their physical ability and it was only fitting that with the Olympics currently on the teams would get into the next sessions of games. Team Effectives (red) shooting skills in the Bucket head games and rapid fire shooting range saw them come back into contention. It was however a little dubious to adjudicate with ping pong balls and rubber bands flying all over the place and there might have been a bit of rule bending happening!

The final round of games would see the arena turn into a swimming pool as the teams under took the flying ball challenge. Amongst the water flying and ping balls going from cup to cup the Blix team were certainly enjoying the night. Team Awesome Sauce with captain Maz certainly came up with the winning formula with a score of 6. This final round saw the unlikely scenario of a draw between Team Awesome Sauce (yellow) and Team effectives (red) and so it was only fitting to have a shake off for the win.

As the teams presented their booty shaking champions the tunes were pumped to the max and there was dance off that will certainly be spoken off at the office on Monday. Coming out on top and taking home tonight’s first prize were the slow starting hustling Team Effectives (Red). Hole in one (green) added some wooden spoons to the collection and team awesome sauce certainly took out the team spirit award. Overall a great night with team BLIX with their Minute to Win It team activity.


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