Why Team Building in Sydney?

August 29, 2016

team building Syney activity

Why do businesses and organisations spend valuable time and company resources on setting up team building events for their employees? Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for this is that team building contributes to their bottom line. Because it brings something positive to their organisation and even foster the growth of their business, many businesses are more than happy to carry out team building in Sydney even if takes time, money, and effort to do so.

Team Building Builds Trust and Teaches Accountability

Trust is important in any relationship, especially in the world of business. Before you can create a solid and successful culture of teamwork in your workplace, you need to establish trust amongst the members of your team. This is something team building can help you with.

Trust is gained through previous actions. It is established when team members allow themselves to show their weaknesses in front of their teammates and accept their offer for help.

It is also built when, despite their differences, they remain committed to working towards achieving a common goal instead of wasting their time and energy on keeping up appearances and protecting their egos.

Team building gives team members the opportunity to do all of these things. Through team building events like the Sydney Amazing Race, they learn that they can't do everything on their own and that there will come a time that they will need to trust and rely on someone.

Accountability, on the other hand, is basically claiming owners and taking responsibility for the task given to you. It is also taking the initiative to finish a project or fix a problem on time.

Team building teaches your staff members about accountability by helping them recognise the need to connect and work with others to ensure that each and every member of the team understands the impact of every action they make.

Team Building Helps Increase success and Promotes Group Effort

Team building events that utilise experiential activities have been proven to be the most effective way to increase success and group effort.

For starters, they help reduce stress, which is one of the barriers that prevent people from staying interested in their work and living up to their potential. Team building gives team members the chance to enjoy themselves and take some time off from their usual routine.

Team building also helps improve employee attitudes and increases morale by keeping team members engaged and motivated.

It gives them the impression that you care about their personal growth and career development by allowing them to take part in activities that will help them discover their strengths and improve their existing abilities.

Also, it gives management the opportunity to communicate and interact with the people who work in the trenches and according to Watson Wyatt of Worldwide Consulting Firm, organisations that communicate effectively with their employees are 4.5 times more likely to retain the best people.

And finally, team building activities promotes group effort by giving team members a sense of having a shared vision. With a common goal to look forward to, people are more inspired to collaborate and work together to ensure their success.

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