Escape Room Challenge for Team Building Adelaide

October 26, 2016

Well this was another fun team building event in Adelaide for the Frucor group using each team's (Superlatives & Alpacas or llamas ) combined detective abilities to successfully extricate themselves from the escape rm. Although only the Superlatives managed to escape before the alloted time at an impressive 51 mins, A or L team were very close to solving it when the 60 mins time was up. Following this, the teams were sent out to locate appointed Geocache secrets close by & channel their Bond skills in answering questions surrounding the spy character. Both teams found Bond Girl potentials ( A Or L Team won this one) & used similiar Bond car / scenes to answer challenges set. The sketch question found both teams drawing the same device , being that of a watch. The superlatives were able to demonstrate some impressive teleporting features which did impress rather the plainer A & L 's device which just became a bomb !!

Overall the different priorities allocated to each teams challenges meant for a very close finish in the end with the Superlatives just scraping by with 3 mins of rm to claim the trophies although the Alpacas or llamas were equally proud of their wooden spoon trophies!!


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