Bond Style Team Building Challenge in Freemantle

October 28, 2016

Today’s activity would see a team building event Australia for Frucor to test out their ability to become secret agents with our Bond style scavenger hunt and escape room team building event. The port city of Fremantle would be the ultimate training ground for the 9 prospective agents today.

Asked to meet at a secret location in Fremantle town the Frucor teams were briefed about their mission for the day and some insight about being a great team.

Once the team were inducted into their spy school with colourful bandanas and supplies the teams would venture out to track down some bond style cars, sexy bond girls and some creative secret agent gadgets. These challenges certainly producing some nice cars in Fremantle, some unsuspecting girls and some very creative use of natural materials to produce some supreme bond weapons.

While producing their best bond film knowledge the bond teams were invited into the world of Geocaching a world treasure hunting phenomenon, which was the the ultimate next level challenge for these aspiring Frucor agents.

The final challenge for these agents was to test their mental aptitude and problem solving ability as they were put in an escape hunt room provided by the ever popular Escape Hunt team at Fremantle. This section of the activity would definitely be a team defining challenge with only 60 minutes given to achieve breaking out of the rooms.

While all teams had a fair crack at the escape rooms it’s was a clear winner that would emerge with 15 minutes remaining on the clock. The Getting on with Life (blue) agents passed all tests easily graduating from today’s spy school and taking home the best spy medals. Getting better at Life (Green) excelled at tracking down bond girls, but not so much in their bond trivia and treasure hunting. While the Getting the Best out of Life (Yellow) agents were at times close to aborting the missions, but did prove to be the best treasure hunters, but unfortunately like Green Agents weren’t able to escape the secret room.

Overall a great fun filled afternoon with the exciting team challenges for Frucor with today’s bond style event!


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