Frucor Perth Amazing Race

April 11, 2016

Three energetic Frucor teams took part in Perth’s Amazing Race with Quicksilver, Magneto & Professor X battling off against each other for the X-Men Challenge!!

In perfect conditions, the teams went above and beyond to test their physical & mental skills against the clock and a set of team challenges around Perth’s CBD. The race started off with a Blindfold challenge which had the members on their hands and knees in search of treasures and their next clue. After the blindfold challenge, the teams depart for Sterling Park in almost synchronized departure times.

At their next challenge point, only one Team (Magneto) was able to complete the water Bottle Challenge which had the defeated teams take a 5 min penalty before taking the next challenge.

Equipped with various photos and written questions, each team was tasked to explore the diverse parts of Perth’s CBD, including China Town, Murray St Mall, Concert Hall to name a few. Team Quicksilver were by far the quickest team going round however it was up in the air which team paid attention to all the rules.

After some harassment from onlookers taking interest in the Murray St Mall Memory Test Challenge, all three teams were off to China Town by London Cab where they all brought some interesting food back to the Pub where they each devoured (with varying success) their chosen exotic food. Rob had the most adventurous choice for food. He attempted to eat Sloth Penis (I for one was unaware Sloths were hung like horses) which ended badly with some slight regurgitation!

All up, each team showed strengths in differing areas, race speed, challenges and attention to race rules. In the end the results were swayed by the deductions for the modes of transport which had both Quicksilver & Professor X teams thinking outside the box.

Some modes presented went from the classic buses, motorbikes/scooters through to the more creative food trolleys, wheelie bins and even skateboards. I will have to make a special mention of the interesting sketches that were presented at the end of the race, which ranged from stick drawings through to creatures my 18-month old toddler is able to replicate with more finesse.

Overall I would like to thank Joel, Daniel & Julia for their great leadership of their selected teams as well as Scott for his overall energy in making the Perth X Men Amazing race a great deal of fun and bringing a healthy competitive spirit throughout the afternoon.


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