The Living Room - Adelaide Amazing Race

April 11, 2016

A Good Friday to remember for the staff of The Living Room Bar. A beautiful calm morning became the scene for this great race which would see 31 participants split into 5 teams race from the iconic Torrens River in the in the Elder park newly developed precinct to the Adelaide most famous beach at Glenelg.

The holiday vibe was certainly the tone of the race with all team members set for a great day of fun and just taking on what ever came in their path. Highlights were certainly the hysteria caused by the race in the Pancake Kitchen as the racers put pancake stakes hot off the press straight into their mouths and not even bothering about utensils. This certainly showed their commitment to the race, or the fact that hadn't had breakfast. The leg burner paddle boats and the shoot out in NBA challenge at the Beach House, which saw the Quondongs (White) team excel, not by their accuracy, but by counting the cost and forking out their own cash and having more than one shot at the prize.

All the teams had some great strategies along the way and also some weird ones. The Finger Limes (Purple) in particular decided the best strategy was to catch the tram the wrong way. This didn't work out too well for them as came up in last place when the race finished. The Bunyas (Navy Blue) came up just short of the win, but were very fast and committed to the task. The Riberries (Brown) pinned their hopes on being Trivia masters and utilising many modes of transport finishing third and The Green Ants (Green) never gave up, but at times failed to pay attention to the details and almost left their tickets to Glenelg behind, finishing in 4th.

Overall a really fun morning with the crew which was done in record time and certainly woke them up for a great Good Friday.


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