How to Conduct an Effective Team Building

August 1, 2016

team building in Melbourne

Enhancing your effectiveness when you are working for a team may require several adjustments on your part. It might take a long time to adjust working with a team when you’ve been a solo player for a long time. You might have read books on how to effectively work with a group but what we suggest for you is to participate in team building activities.

Here are some tips that you can keep in mind to create an atmosphere for an effective team building:

  • Pursue a common goal. You might be out of the office to experience new things but you also need to set goals for your day to be meaningful. Make sure that everyone understands the common goal that you’ve set for the team. Allow your members to drive the team in achieving the goal.
  • It’s NOT ABOUT YOU! – Make everyone understand that they are not in it for their individual selves. Sure you’ll learn more about yourself as the activity progresses but the “Me, Myself & I” mentality should be replaced with “We & Us”. You need to try to discover new things about the people around you, focus in getting along well with the team. Make sure that you do the activities well with your team. A team building is called a “team” event because it aims to foster teamwork.
  • Communicate with each other. – One thing that team building events are known of is the magic of bringing out open communication. You may have shy and introvert team members inside your office but one way or another they’ll surely open up to the team during the activities. You might even get shocked on how competitive they can become. Tasks in these events, like our Amazing Race Melbourne, are designed by organizers to bring your team closer through teamwork, communication and understanding.
  • Contribute something to the team. Do what you do best! Events and other activities during your team building might involve physical play, creativity and other skills. Play to your strength and contribute to your team. Offer help to your team. If you know your way around the city you need to guide them. If you know how to solve a puzzle for the game offer your suggestions to the team. Winning is only meaningful if you’ve done something to achieve it.
  • Understand that everyone can’t lead. If you’re not chosen as a leader for this event, don’t fuss. Leaders are selected with a set of criteria and the ideal way is to choose a person who can communicate well and manage people around him to lead a team. You’ll have your chance in the future.

What needs to be accomplished in a team building will only be done if you and your members are able to accept the fact that you need to work together for it. The existence of one another is needed to fairly grasp the idea of creating harmonious working relationship. Work well and have fun together. Call us now for inquiries on team building events!

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