Experience "Create Your Own Commercial" Team Event!

August 2, 2016

This week we had a fantastic experience with "The Heights" school in South Australia. The school support staff came together for a training day where they were tasked to create commercials or short films on their own from start to finish in 1 day.

The group broke out into 2 teams, 1 working on a promotional video for the school and the other working on an internal video based on the day in the life of an SSO.

There was some challenging moments as the teams struggled to come up with a concept and then work in smaller groups and storyboard their ideas ready for filming.

On site we had facilitators Jo and Luke along with the film crews in Aaron and Ash, both who are accomplished filmmakers.

The morning was spent in the conference room working out the logistics and then the afternoon was spent on set filming throughout the school grounds.

Post event there was some great reflection and a week later the teams met again to see the edited products.

It was a lot of fun and we cannot wait to work with "The Heights" on next year's team building program!


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