Rush and Excitement for the Team Minute to Win It Challenge

September 24, 2016

Today's super team building event was held at the convention centre at McCracken country club. It was the perfect location and venue for an up tempo, high energy faced paced team building event. Today's clients Hungry Jacks took on the rapid fire challenges of our minute to win it program. This event is characterised by the use of ordinary household items like ping pong balls, plastic cups, spoons, pasta and more in a series of 60 second challenges.

After a short introduction into what makes up a great team and a mention into some of the dysfunctions that might arise through out the day the employees from all over Australia would get stuck straight into some high energy games that would set the tone of the event and act as a great start to a great event. Defying gravity a balloon based game saw the true colours of the team individual members shine or not shine. As usual there was a few crew bending the rules.

After this the event went into hyper drive with back to back challenges run in both the outside and inside arena's at McCracken Country Club. As the hours past the teams excelled in different areas and the laughter and funny moments were coming thick and fast. As always there are so many highlights, but some standout moments were the Flying ball challenge that quickly turned into a wet shirt competition with water flying everywhere. The bucket head challenge saw the teams excel in the ability to hit the target and prove their shooting prowess.

The Hungry Jacks team certainly proved that they were on point when it came to a lot of the challenges with definitely more completions than failures. A few standout teams from the day were NT Crocs (Dk Green) with a real competitive spirit and confidence about their chances. The Hole in One (Aqua) team were the unlikely match, but United and excelled in many of the challenges. The Bandits (Red) had some real team spirit going on and the Drunk Mess (Blue) didn't reflect their name but slowly worked through the challenges consistently.
As the event drew to a close it was clear that their was one standout team, which happened to have the boss in it. At the time the Fantastic 4 (White) certainly showed their eagerness and enthusiasm often jumping the gun on the instructions but we could not deny their complete commitment to all tasks and taking out the win. Especially since as is customary with the Minute to Win it program we finish with a shake off between teams one and two and the representative of Fantastic 4 certainly shook his booty all the way to victory.

Over all a fantastic Minute to Wing it team challenge with the Hungry Jacks employees and certainly would be some memories that would not easily be forgot!


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