Whirlwind Tour Adelaide Team Event Amazing Race

September 26, 2016

A beautiful day in the city completed  the stage for this massive Adelaide Team Amazing Race. with 100 employees from Lion Co it was sure to be a fun couple of hours and certainly would put the participants through their paces and highlight the teamwork factor in each.

Kicking off with Survivor Style challenge opposite the Iconic Adelaide oval was the perfect way to start the race. The teams certainly showed their focus on accountability and their puzzle solving ability as they headed off for the race.

The racers would then go on whirlwind tour of Adelaide iconic spots, sights, sounds and tastes. With challenges at Adelaide Art Gallery, Botanic Gardens, Central Markets and a BTS on Pirie St tasting of some delicious cupcakes.

There were so many highlights for this race, but at the top of the list was the crew from Lion co as they gave back to Camp Quality with a bike building and toy making challenge. It was made even more special with some special kids who received their bikes and toys at the end of the race.

as the team rolled into the Griffith hotel balcony area it was very clear that there were an array of different strategies being played out. As the results were tallied including bonus challenges the results for Lion co came out as follows. Honorable mention went to the Green team as they amassed 41 modes of transport unfortunately coming up short for the win. The winners today certainly proved that clever and fast is the way with a 2nd place arrival to the finish line and clever Polites bonus challenge strategy. White spent more time on a pub crawl and needed some fast forward help clearly taking out todays wooden spoon.

Overall a fantastic day with Lion Co crew and once again some very happy customers with their super team building event in South Australia.


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