ME Bank - Amazing Race Melbourne

June 1, 2016

For this Amazing Race Melbourne event, 9 executives from ME bank had action packed and competitive 2 hours of fun team building activities around Melbourne cities sights, sounds, tastes and culture. This race started in the clouds with amazing views from the 39th floor of the city CBD and soon to be the playing field for this team of executives from ME.

At the start of the race the teams were put through a problem solving challenge that would be the key to get them their first clue and send them off around the city. Always a thought provoking and interesting challenge is the paper and scissors challenge and today did not disappoint with the ME executives working their way through this problem. Across the 3 teams there were three different approaches and as the teams left the start locations that were tightly grouped with only a few minutes separating 1st to 3rd and so the race around the city had begun.

Their first leg through Chinatown, Parliament House and down to federation square would test out their artistic prowess, their interpretation of what it means to be team in a creative photo and their race strategies would begin to form through this first stretch of the race. The teams produced some artistic masterpieces and some really interesting interpretations of team in one of the trams of Melbourne. The Best one that most typified team was the Tiger Camo team who rallied some locals into their team to produce a photo about helping others in which their was a group effort to help push a tram that supposedly needed pushing. The funny thing was no one knew why they were pushing the tram, but they did create a following.

The next checkpoint in the race was Federation Square and as the teams arrived clearly having run the first leg were confronted with a challenge that would definitely test out their minds and their ability to solve the problem of emptying a pop top water bottle only using 3 ropes. Initially the teams came up with some clever set ups, unfortunately watching one drip at a time gave way to a shake off where all teams created a pseudo sprinkler on the Princes walk near the Yarra.

Still tightly together it was anyone's guess who would take out the race at this stage. The competitive spirit that came up in the first leg had certainly gone to another level with the teams breaking time records and at full pace running the foreshore of the Yarra to the MCG, the South Bank precinct and around to Banana Alley for their next clue. As the teams arrived their were 2 clear front runners. The ME White team who were on track for being the fastest, but only time would tell if it was the cleverest too. The ME Orange team were not far off and ME Tiger Camo had fallen back off the pace.

The last Leg of the race would see the teams interpreting the dysfunction of Fear of conflict at Melbournes Fight Club, committing to a big cup cake eating challenge at Little Cupcakes on iconic cafe strip of Degraves lane and then through the culture of Melbourne's street art in Union lane and then onto tracking down the big purse in Bourke Street Mall with a sprint to ME offices to finish the Race.

At the beginning it was clear that the teams would all have different approaches and it certainly proved that today's race was about being fast, but being clever too. While the ME White team were breaking speed records, they failed to have a strategy to increase their deductions and unfortunately fell short of the overall win. The ME Tiger Camo picked up the wooden spoon with a slow and steady approach and pinned all there hopes on their creative Team Photo. So that left ME Orange who clearly showed they were in this race on all levels and stategized to take a massive 17 minutes off their time with a vast array of modes of transport including trollies, skateboards, human wheelbarrows and more. The Elation of the win was apparent as everyone in bar knew the ME Orange had taken the win. Overall another great team building event in the city of Melbourne and some very happy and tired racers certainly earned their beverages at the the end of the day.

Written by Justin Monaghan


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