Corporate Team Amazing Race in Sydney

June 7, 2016

If you feel that your team is already getting bored with the daily routine in the office and in need of a day out, take them for an experience of Sydney Amazing Race with Beyond the Boardroom.

Why Amazing Race?

This activity is not just about running around. It features the most unique way of exploring Sydney with team challenges and group activities. Beyond the Boardroom encourages the team spirit in doing every activity all throughout the race course. The race can be done on foot, or in cars depending on the location.

Most courses for the race include a theme that the organization agrees upon. The team can even come in costumes if they wish to. Tweaking up the creativity of the teams during the course is also a must. Puzzles and other challenges that can be great in building team cooperation are done for every stop in the race course.

You’ve got nothing to worry if your staff is not much inclined with athletic activities since the race course is organized to fit and accommodate almost everyone’s physical capabilities. As stated earlier this race is patterned for the team and it’s not just about running around to be on the first place.

Here are some benefits from holding team corporate events:


Holding activities like team buildings is a way of exposing the different personalities within your team. Allowing them to freely express themselves will lead into them knowing each other better. Knowing your skills and discovering your weak points also helps in learning what you can improve for you to be able to help the company reach its goals.

Team Motivation

The main goal of team building events lies in motivating the team in a fun way. Spending the day in a more relaxed environment allows everyone to experience and enjoy. Challenging the team with great activities like the team amazing race ignites the friendly competitive spirit that might have been extinguished at work. Renewed motivation and learning the essence of team work greatly influences your team’s productivity at work.

How to Organize the Sydney Amazing Race?

You can contact a team building event expert to help you with setting up the team event for you and your company. Make sure that you have gathered the necessary information already. This might include the number of participants, the location where you want the event to be held, and the preferred activities you have in mind.

Before calling up the team building coordinator it is best if you meet with your team first. Know what activities they mostly enjoy and make sure that the location for the activity is convenient for everyone. The more convenient your location is the more number of attendees there will be.

Make sure to check for the weather. The mood for outdoor activities depends on the weather. Prepare rain gears just in case or ask the team building coordinator if they provide it as well.

Your business and its employees are just like your car. For you to be sure that you can reach your destination, careful employee management and fueling it with great motivation is a great necessity. 


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