Perth City Amazing Race of Childcare Professionals

September 20, 2016

Perth city and a beautiful sunny day provided a great stage for the Stirling Childcare staff as they raced around their city in today's team event amazing race. After a short into into today's race about becoming a great team the group split into 3 teams. The teams we had in our race were Team Machine (Brown), Awesome Foursome (Green) and Fantastic 4 (Red). As always the initial nerves took a back seat and as the race clock started they were off and into their race for the day.

Their race would take them into the heritage and history of this riverside city and would certainly test the teams on their trivia and their attention to detail. The race would see them take on the numerous funny sculptures including Kangaroos, Giant Paper planes and much more. Highlights were certainly how the teams worked together with an immense enthusiasm for the teams and the games along the way. The Roadblock song challenge was a highlight today with the teams putting their creative minds together to produce some truly memorable lyrics inspired by what it means to be a good team. Also a highlight was the challenge in china town as the teams demonstrated their commitment to a weird food challenge. Team machine thought the weirdest food they could find was crumbed squid, while the Awesome Foursome sampled some delicious eels and the fantastic 4 who though the challenge was to spend the budget of $10 with an assortment of Chinese candy.

After a few hours the teams all arrived to the Stables bar our finish location for the race. First to arrive with a strategy of being fast were Team Machine (brown), but with out attention to detail and bonus challenges it would be interesting if they were to maintain their lead. Second to arrive were the Awesome Foursome (Green) with numerous cards being played in the modes of transport challenge and creative photo challenge and the Fantastic 4 arrived some 30 mins later and certainly would be front runners of the wooden spoon challenge.

So as the scores were tallied and the bonus challenges were accounted for the team that came out on top were not the fastest, but they were the cleverest and that was the Awesome Foursome (Green) who managed to dwindle down Team machine's (Brown) massive lead. And well the fantastic 4 who focused more on just taking in the experience, the sights, the sounds and colours of the race were unable to elevate themselves out of the last position.

Overall another great super team building event and really happy workers from their Amazing Race around Perth city.


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