Phil Hoffmann Survivor Adelaide

June 21, 2016

Thursday Afternoon saw the Phil Hoffmann Group on their second Team Building activity in Adelaide with us making their way over the Torrens Riverbank Footbridge eager to suspend their in house training/ updates & apply themselves to a slightly different platform of Outdoor team challenges & learning .

The groups were quickly split up to the 6 teams each representing their Company’s key mission values. Bandanas were applied transforming some team members to cool ‘gang style’ members whilst others chose a more ‘John McEnroe’ esque look. Once the 5 team dysfunctions were relayed & related , the teams were quick to throw themselves in to the first race challenge.

The program started off with overcast yet dry conditions which was great as The Ball Relay really showed off the good/not so good teamwork attributes of each team. From shooting the board maze to earn puzzle pieces, the groups bravely tackled the river of Lava planking their way across with varying degrees of ease & techniques. The memory test puzzle proved quite a challenge owing to the fact that teams weren’t allowed to use their voice . Being an essential requirement for their choice of occupation , making them mute provided quite an entertaining spectacle to us as facilitators. Once completed they were onto the last puzzle challenge, being that of a jigsaw puzzle. It was here that some teams quickly regained their mojo & overtook others ahead through zen-like fluidity of puzzle solving wizardry. Other teams chose the technique of forceful placement which proved less than satisfactory. All but one team completed this challenge before the allotted cut off time.

The next stage of challenges saw a round robin challenge of 3 different stations pairing 2 teams against each other for challenges as Gator Plank Race, Blindfold Congo pickup & Company Secrets. To say that each team was at an equal footing would not be quite fair as these challenges really showed up teams Curiosity & Innovative as stand out performers when tackling these challenges. The blindfold challenge proved quite entertaining as some groups ideas of non verbal communication whilst blindfolded, proved too much . As well they were having to avoid landmine & Quicksand pits, which saw some team leaders abandon their non verbal “taps” & “squeezes” to resort instead to direct arm dragging. There was much laughter (which was allowed ) & again much difficulty in keeping mouths silent. There was plenty of endless searching on knees for treasures that were never there which was quite funny to watch.

Company secrets proved either a tough or easy activity for different teams as thinking outside the box proved the difference. There were record times achieved along with some friendly banter proving there was no ‘Fear Of Conflict’ with some of the competitors. Highlight of this challenge was a golf ball ending up narrowly missing a car as it bounced over War Memorial Drive after it was ejected from the tin following some forceful pulling out of the arena!! Gator Plank Races saw some varying degree of teamwork speed & coordination will some teams Curiosity & Efficient proving standouts with some great leadership shown in coordinating the teams with sargent major type LEFT– RIGHT - LEFT - RIGHT…...

The weather gods were kind to us for the first 2/3rd of the program however leading into the last Ball Race challenge saw the drops increase becoming a veritable washout. There was uniform consensus to cut short the program, finishing instead with their Team Chant under the ‘Fig Tree‘ Stage. Here there was quite a varying display of talent & team synchronicity which lead to one team failing to finish from bouts of laughter.

The overall winning team ‘Innovative’ were too strong on the day with team ‘Positivity’ proving they were just that coming a close second, & team ‘Curiosity’ coming in third place. Not to be forgotten 6th placed 'Authenticity' did not go home empty handed brandishing their wooden spoons with pride as they were all winners on the day!

The Adelaide team building Survivor program proved a rather damp yet entertaining program where each team learnt to work together in ways they may have never attempted back in the office environments. We hope they all found it somewhat of a learning opportunity as well as a bunch of fun & look forward to working with them again for a different style of challenges in the future.


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