5 Unusual Ideas for Corporate Events in Australia

June 27, 2016

Corporate Events in Australia

Locations for corporate events have always been on nice restaurants, bars, pubs and plush venues. This trend has become the mainstream choices for workplace parties as well. These locations may appear to be convenient but it limits your choices of activities.

Spicing up your choice of venue adds excitement and fun to the planned activity. If you want your team to have something to look forward to for your next event, plan your next team building with Beyond the Boardroom! Organize the event for your staff with fresh ideas and introduce them to new group activities.

Beyond the Boardroom have a variety of choices for team activities and corporate events in Sydney. Check out these 5 ideas that you may like:

  • Go Kart Adventure

Having a lap race in the circuit while driving a small four-wheeled vehicle is a fun choice! This activity can be a part of your break from the heavy planning in the office. You can also reward your hardworking staff an enjoyable day in the race tracks with this event. Bring out the competitive spirit of your team with this event for team building Sydney.

  • Survivor Sydney

Great locations for Survivor themed challenge await you and your staff in Sydney and NSW. Learning to outlast, outwit and outplay each team in an unfamiliar territory will serve as a great trial for everyone in your team. Make an impact to each of your staff by allowing them to experience an activity that will test their limits outside their comfort zones.

  • Bike Brigade

Make a more meaningful team event by constructing a bicycle from scratch! You and your staff can pick a venue that is accessible to everyone; you can even hold it in your own office if the floor space can accommodate. This simple team event will not only help your team to develop cooperation and teamwork. Your company can donate the constructed bicycles to a charity of your own choosing. 

  • Cooking Schools

Learn something new along with your team! Try to make amazing entrées, delicious desserts and main courses with cooking lessons in Sydney. Beyond the Boardroom will open up the wonders of the kitchen to your staff. Enjoy a fun day of discovering you hidden skill of preparing a great banquet.  

  • Corporate Massage

Allow your team to take a relaxing break from work by bringing a team of massage therapists into your workplace. Bring relief to your staff that always suffers because of endless brainstorming and planning within the four corners of the office. This event is perfect for almost all group sizes.

Your staff deserves a quality break from all the stress from work. Give them a reward that they are worthy of. Make them feel that their endless efforts for your company don’t remain unnoticed. Strengthen the bond of your team members and bring out their best by continuously developing their potentials and skills. For inquiries on these team events, contact Beyond the Boardroom today!   

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