Picasso Creative Team Building - Perth Eye Hospital

May 12, 2016

A creative flow was the flavour of the day for the administration team of Perth Eye Hospital as they participated in the Picasson team building event. At first the room was filled with much anxiousness and fear of the Unknown. The main cause being the clear lack of confidence in their art skills. As is often the case in this team building event these emotions took a back seat to a really fun exploration into a teams ability to engage the creative side of the brain and see how these skills can be very helpful when it comes to being a great work team in their work environments.

The Picasso team event is about bring two worlds together, Art and team, which don't ordinarily come together and to see how the program can create new insights and understanding into team dynamics, especially in the area of communication.

Today was filled with a number of exercises that addressed various aspects of basic drawing, team communication and painting a masterpiece not as an individual, but as team. In the midst of the many laughs, great drawings, hidden artists and collaborative efforts of the team of Perth Eye hospital all members came away with a great experience and certainly some great insights into their individual members and how they work together as one body, but being many parts.

Written by Justin Monaghan


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