Great Team Building Ideas in Western Australia

May 9, 2016

team building event outdoor

Getting ready for a company event in Perth? Create camaraderie with your team members and develop leadership skills through fun activities and challenges. Motivating your team through team building activities is also a great way to get them to participate in other company activities. Being able to manage your team members does not only benefit the company because it benefits each employee as well.

For unique team building Perth and other corporate trainings in Western Australia, here are some unique ideas you can try.

Broome Camel Treks

The gentle giants of Broome are inviting you to go for a ride! Make a memorable morning or sunset ride tour with the camels. The professional tour guides make sure that everyone is comfortable during the ride with soft seat saddles. Sunset atop one of the gentle camels is one way of relishing the warmth of the afternoon sun. This special tour is definitely the best way to enjoy the scenery in Cable beach.

Drumming Workshops

Get a unique tribal approach to your team building and try a drumming workshop. This activity makes use of music as a tool for breaking down barriers within the team. Team members who claim not to have any rhythmical ability in playing musical instruments is not a hindrance for this activity since this group activity aims to develop positive group dynamics through teamwork and leadership. The activity is also great for relieving stress and enhancing the synergy within the team.

Art Class Workshops

One of the most dynamic team building experiences will be the art classes for corporate events. This workshop will allow everyone in the team to experience 2 – 3 hours of fun with colorful paints, paintbrushes, canvass and color palettes. Freedom from the usual corners of the office will help out ease the stress from you and your team members. Painting is a relaxing and stimulating activity that will get everyone in their creative edge while expressing their innermost feelings. Help everyone from your team to get their creative juices flowing through this activity.

Amazing Race

Put everyone’s skills, intellect and teamwork to a test with an Amazing Race challenge. This interactive game will surely check you and your team members. The race usually includes puzzles, physical challenges and problem solving tasks. This is also a great activity if you don’t want to go out of your way from the CBD since this can be conducted in route to the city’s famous landmarks and even just within the CBD. If your team is ready, then the RACE IS ON!

Cooking Classes

Hands-on cooking session or the “Masterchef” is a great option for an indoor team building activity. Aside from being able to learn new dishes and improved cooking skills, you and your team will also experience the beauty of coordination when working under time pressure. Beyond the Boardroom will recreate the Masterchef TV show for your team and challenge them to be creative in cooking their dishes with their team. Make a cooking session that everyone will surely enjoy.

Leading a company depends on the quality of teamwork and cooperation that everyone puts forward. Nurturing the teamwork within your organization requires work, call Beyond the Boardroom for great team building activities now.

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