Rodgers Reidy - Melbourne Amazing Race

May 7, 2016

A perfect autumn day was the stage of this Melbourne team building challenge and it would see 24 employees from Rodgers Reidy in an Amazing Race around all the sights and sounds of the flagstaff gardens, Queen st markets, Federation Square and the funky alleys and social hangouts found all throughout Melbourne. The Amazing Race today was all about having a fun, but also about some insight into the team dynamics of the Rodgers Reidy teams.

Today's race was a fast one with the Rodgers Reidy team ready to race and test their skills, their strengths and the knowledge about the CBD. We started in the picturesque scene of Flagstaff gardens with trust challenge which would see the teams blindfolded and led around without any verbal communication. Most of the Rodgers Reidy team were quick to adjust and complete the task while the team in white well there was a bit of breakdown in communicationR and eventually they left the first stage.

Their next stage would see the teams get into the Queen St markets, parliament house, a ride on a tram and meeting me at the next check point on the Yarra’s edge behind Federation Square. The teams were extremely quick and as they arrived pretty closely together they were presented with a problem solving challenge of emptying a bottle of water using only ropes supplied. The main strategy to come forward was one of force and well lets just shake it out. After the teams had created a little rain storm of water flying everywhere they were on to their next stage.

Next leg was to take in some Melbourne’s iconic scenery including MCG, Yarra River, South bank and more. They would soon arrive to the bricked laneway of banana lane with a mind bending team challenge of putting a team member through an A4 piece of paper. After the bemused looks the teams worked through their challenge at hand and got their next clue.

Their final two legs would see the teams tasting some delightful little cup cakes donned with the Amazing Race Logo at Little Cupcakes on Degraves lane, some creative takes on team with a series of creative photos with the iconic lanes of street art, a visit to Bourke st Mall and dash to the Mint bar which was the finish of todays race.

As things wrapped on Rodgers Reidy Melbourne team building challenge it would see all the team happy and little bit tired from the race around the city. As the results came in it was very clear todays winners would come from the team that was the fastest and the cleverest. Taking home the coveted wooden spoon were Tim Mendez (Purple). Donald Trump (Orange) with some dubious strategies just missing out on the last place. JJ’s Muscles (White) left last, but came home in 3rd position. And so it came down to RR Blues (Blue) leg speed taking out the Beyond the Boardroom’s Medallion of champions over a very measured consistent performer of a Careful Balance of Red and White (pink). A great afternoon had by the Rodgers Reidy team in the Melbourne Amazing Race.

Written by Justin Monaghan


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