The Team Amazing Race Around Freemantle Is On!

November 9, 2016

Today's super team building event was staged at the beautiful and history filled city of Fremantle. The teams in today's event came from Steinepreis, which saw 6 vibrant and energetic teams compete in an Amazing Race. Seeking out and capturing the heritage, the icons and becoming a better team in the process as they navigated around the Port city.

The Amazing race event highlights some key team characteristics that make up and great team and these are certainly highlighted by the team challenges along the way at each checkpoint. the Steinepreis showed a clear and collected focus as they worked through the he memory test, with only 5 mins separating the teams after the first stage. Leading the way were Hicks Heroes (Red) into the first leg.

As the gaps widened the teams arrived to a blind fold challenge testing the trust factor in the teams. The best and most efficient strategy came from the Purple players (purple) and Brown spectre (brown) who showed a high level of trust receiving the next clue and leading he pack.

the teams next leg would see the teams test out their beer knowledge with a group beer tasting and beer trivia challenges at the Monk Bar and Restaurant in the city hub. Then on to test the creative factor with our drawing sketch challenge. Purple Players shone with a life like sketch of the numbat on Freo mall walls.

The next leg would see the teams dive deep into the foundational history of the area with a Fremantle Prison challenge, but not before the mind bending paper scissors challenge. Innovation and outside the box thinking saw the quickest transition with Brown Spectre and Purple players receiving their next clue. Hicks Heroes may have achieved the same success if they had listened to all members, but instead took 20 mins to achieve the challenge. Arriving first leaving fourth into the next leg.

The Last two legs of the race would see how committed the teams were with a hike to the highest point in Fremantle at Monument hill and down again through to King Square. With tensions rising and temperatures going up their was no better time to get a Fear of conflict photo challenge and to see the team best interpretation of it with the Missile memorial to fallen sailors. Photos included fake guns, scared faces and even licking the memorial.

The race wound down to the finish with a most difficult challenge with the water bottle at King Square and then on to a shooting hoops challenge at Timezone and finally arriving at the Little Creatures bar and brewery our finish line for the today's race. Where Walden (Light Blue) running 3rd most of the race showed innovation and creativity in the water bottle challenge and it was anyone guess who might take home the trophy.

First to arrive at the Finish line with a fast strategy were the Purple Players followed closely Brown Spectre, and not long after Hicks Heroes and Where's Walden. Having not heard much from Blanco Bandits (white) and the Muppets (green) through the race their we're certainly different approaches to race being played out. Only time would tell if the order would change and reveal our eventual winner.

Unlike any race in history today's amazing race made history with the last place team in time revealed a very clever stately amazing a massive 71 mins off their time eclipsing all the teams before them to take out the trophy and being the winners of today's race. This include near perfect scoring and massive 29 modes of transport including boats, wheelbarrows, elevators and more were their ingredients to the win. Where's Walden (light blue) not focusing on the bonus side fell from 4th to the wooden spoon, but as said by them that had the most fun doing the race.

So overall another great event in Fremantle and one that definitely highlighted being clever is more important than being fast. This team building activity Perth is one for the books!


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