Getting Your Team to Say Yes To Team Building

November 7, 2016

team building events Australia

When you were in the initial stage of putting up your team building activity, you might have encountered team members who were not willing to go or participate. They might have thought that the idea of going on a team event is lame. Some might even think that being with your colleagues outside the office will be weird.

If you’ve encountered situations mentioned above, you need to acknowledge your team’s dislike towards the activity but you need to make a move to overturn these feelings. Events like team building activities Australia are considered to be the most valuable investment you can do for your team. It is a way to foster better work relationship. Most companies value team events because the serve as an avenue to resolve conflict, build trust, self-discovery and improve communication. So what can you do to make your team say “Yes” to a team activity? Here are some tips that you can follow:

  1. DO NOT highlight work-related stuff. Your team will appreciate it much if you consider the team building activity as a way to bond with co-workers. Do not treat it as an extension of your day in the office. Make sure that the work related takeaways are creatively overt. Aim for goals which can enrich your team in both personal and professional levels.
  2. Come up with a creative theme. Your team is bound to say yes if they fell that their suggestions are valued. Ask them what they want and come up with a cohesive idea of an event theme. Do not force them to do an activity that they don’t like. There’s a lot of team building facilitator in Adelaide that offers personalized team events. If you want to go for a unique theme it will be nice to connect with them.
  3. Give them something to look forward to. Once you are done with the theme and all other initial preparations, you can come up with teasers that might just excite your team. You can use your office email to send daily teasers to your team as to some of the highlights of the activity. This is not just your simple invitation because you can do this daily when the event is just three to four days ahead.
  4. Do not settle for the afternoon picnics. Try something else; your team would definitely love it if you can do some activities that will require them to go beyond their comfort zones. Make them experience a team event that can make a buzz in your office after days of attending it. There are a lot of adventure activities that can rekindle your team’s motivation.

If a member refuses to join your team activity, it is an indicator that there is something wrong with the previous activity he or she attended. To correct this misconception about team building, you can follow these steps to ensure their cooperation. After the activity, ask for feedback from your team so that you can organize a more enjoyable activity next time.

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