Suncorp Team Race Melbourne

June 16, 2016

As sung in the famous crowded house song "four seasons in one day" this race can certainly be summarised in the same way. The Suncorp teams arrived to wet Princes walk on the Yarra river, but eagerly were awaiting how we would lead them on their Amazing Race around Melbourne. It was also fitting that the Suncorp race would be themed after very popular games of thrones series as the Winter was certainly not just coming it was here.

As the teams set out the tribes engaged in a brain busting challenge of fitting a member of their team through an A4 piece of paper and certainly proved to be that. As the rain came down it would see the House of Lannister get away first and into the elements followed minutes later with the other teams figuring out the challenge. So we were off and the racers would then find answers in the Southbank precinct with some great interpretations of the 5 dysfunctions in some creative photos, certainly highlighted by the "kiss Ass" addition to the list by 'The Knight Watch'.

As the teams filtered in to the first stage and their second team challenge it was very clear that there was range of different strategies going on ranging from speed, 'House of Lannister' to Strategy, 'House of Stark'. The water bottle innovative challenge saw the teams working to come up with the best methods, which largely contained a few strategically places bollards from the city planners of melbourne being utilised as the team squeezed those bottles.

As the rain cleared the last few legs of the race would see the tribes pick up the pace and find themselves on a trek through the street art alley ways, the Little cupcake shop, parliament house, china town and around to federation square for a challenge about memory and focus. This last leg saw a major change to the order with "the Littlefingers" coming home strong. "The Knights watch" who were a front runner lost their way with wrong tram choice and the 'Hodors' putting all the eggs to one big basket of commitment to a certain boat ride across the Yarra.

As the rain kicked back into gear the teams were on a race to the finish at the scenic Yarra river bar the Arboury, which was the finish of this epic race. First to arrive was the always speedy 'House of Lannister', but only time would tell if they were the cleverest. Not to far behind was the elder statesmen the 'House of Stark', followed by 'Littlefingers', 'Hodors', 'Knight Watch' and finally the 'White Walkers.'

As the strategies of this race came in it was revealed it was clear that despite the 'Hodors' absolute commitment to boat ride this race was down the speedsters, the 'House of Lannister' and the strategists the 'House of Stark.' After the tallies were in, it would see the massive 18 modes of transport utilised by the House of Stark prove that catching a wheelie bin, horse and carriage and skateboard would taking them to win for todays amazing race around Melbourne.

Despite the four seasons of weather experienced by the Suncorp team the themed game of thrones race was a great afternoon of fun, laughs and cleverness too. Their team building activities Melbourne was a great success!


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