Team Beach Activities for Corporate Events Melbourne

June 15, 2016

Employees jumping Amazing Race

Developing the skills of the team and creating a harmonious working relationship for everyone is a part of every business’ vision. Cooperation takes mutual efforts from the leaders down to its members. Organizing corporate events to reward your team is one way to show them how their efforts and work is valued.

Selecting Melbourne as your location for the corporate event is a fantastic choice! There are a lot of great places for team building in Melbourne. The Great Ocean Road is one of the top picks for venues when conducting team activities. Various beach activities for your team can be enjoyed in this area.

  • Quad Bike Adventure

Try something fun and different with the Quad Bike challenge. Provide a new environment for your team and go for an adventure through the towering trees in a forest. This team adventure will be a great event when concluding a conference.

  • Corporate Surf Lessons

Breaking down the barriers within the members of your team while creating great camaraderie is what we can achieve through this team activity. Trying out this new sport will help your team develop the positive trait of knowing how to encourage each other. Learning a new activity will help the team to be more flexible and to be more adaptable to changes beyond their control.

  • Go Cart Adventure

Want to spend a day away from the four corners of your office. Take your team out to the field and try racing on Go Carts. Allowing a friendly competition among the team from time to time is a great practice for developing team strategies. Racing in Go Carts can also be a way of distressing after spending a hectic time in the workplace. 

  • Minute to Win It

Fusing competitive challenges, easily found materials and the pressure of making it within the 60 seconds time limit is what makes this team adventure a big hit. The “Minute to Win It” is a team event that can be conducted almost anywhere. Enhance your team’s problem-solving skills and creativity through this team building challenge.

  • Corporate “Survivor”

Doing team challenges in a picturesque location can inspire your team to do their best in winning every game. Bring out the competitive spirit and great leadership skills within your team through the “Survivor” challenge. Allow your team to develop great strategies by providing them with limited resources can help them to be more innovative.

Team building events yield mutual benefits for your business and its employees. Develop the skills and abilities of your team to create a stronger foundation for your trade. Organize a great corporate event now!

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