Team Building and Activating Your New Team

December 12, 2016

team building Australia

The initial stage of awkwardness and self-consciousness is always present when you are still ill at ease with your new team. While other team members can easily adjust to the newly formed group, some will have a hard time dealing with work when in a team.

To help you out in managing your team’s interaction during the “awkward stage”, Beyond the Boardroom will give you a few reminders of the things that you need to include on your first team building Australia activity. Check the list below:

  • Breaking-the-Ice: Note that you first need to break the ice before you can begin with any activity for your team building. Think of a creative way to introduce the team to your members. Allow them to know the purpose and goal of the team and also inform them of the reason why they were chosen as members of the team. To facilitate a smooth teamwork during the introduction, make sure that you have prepared a creative way for them to introduce themselves. 
  • Initial Planning: Am in depth discussion of the team’s purpose and goals will follow during the planning stage. Ground rules and mutually acceptable work procedures can also be established during the team planning. You can also discuss each other’s roles in the team as you go along.
  • Brainstorming: Creating the most effective means of communication will be the next step. You can also add the tasks of identifying the future challenges and problems that the team will have to face. The brainstorming stage will also include the creation of contingency plans and strategies that will help the team face their future challenges. Make sure that all members of the team understand each other’s individual responsibilities. Specific regulations regarding the implementation of team decisions should also be discussed so that pointing fingers will be avoided later on.
  • Time Management: The previous tip made mention of breaking done the tasks to individual members of the team. Once it is done, make sure that you also discuss the proper allocation of time to complete the tasks. To properly manage your team’s work flow, you need to make sure that your team is properly oriented as to how they will need to prioritize the tasks assigned to them. Also, make sure that you have provided them a reasonable amount of time to come up with the best possible output that they can create.
  • Team Interaction: Plan and schedule your team meetings so that you’ll be able to monitor how the tasks are going on so far. Meeting and team interaction will also help out the team when issues and conflict arise. Team assessment should also be discussed during regular team meetings to gain useful feedbacks on each of your member’s individual work.

Your team needs to develop how to function as one entity. Giving them enough time to develop their teamwork will enable them to work seamlessly in the future. Forming a new team and getting them to work along well with each other requires hard work. To know more about team building, visit Beyond the Boardroom today!

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