Team Building Sydney: How Team Building Develops a Team Player

December 7, 2016

team building ideas Sydney

Almost all job advertisement nowadays requires a team player. You’ve seen it many different times in various flyers and announcements, but have you tried to evaluate what really is a team player?

Most companies and organizations value employees who work along well with a team since they can easily adapt and get along with people. The desire to get team members who participate, cooperate and support the accomplishment of organization goals is a given fact. That is why being a good team player is a crucial factor that most businesses consider when hiring employees.

Here are some few tips that will help you create a team building Sydney activity that will help build your members attitude towards being a team player:

  • Compromise – Enhance your team challenges with activities that will handle situations that will allow your team to compromise. Being able to face struggles that will give them an opportunity to compromise each other’s ideas, opinions and thoughts will make it easier for them to handle conflict in the future. You can highlight the importance of compromise and negotiation in activities that will require them to make quick decisions.
  • Contribute – Team building events are best known for activities that will oblige your team to contribute. May it be physical strength, creative ideas, and individual talents; your team members will need to experience the rewarding after effects of contributing into something that the whole team needs to do. This will make them realize the important role that they need to fill in when it comes to teamwork.
  • Commitment – When you first choose your team members, you may have asked them for their commitment towards the completion of your team project. This commitment may have dwindled over the past few months or years. What team building can do for you is to renew and rekindle this commitment. Organizing an activity that will revive the attitude of being a team player in your members will make them more committed to your team.  
  • Competition (Friendly) – What organizations want to take place at work is the occurrence of friendly competition. Many employees consider the workplace as a battle field where they need to outshine other co-workers to gain recognition for their work. Team building activities are designed and organized to establish friendly competition with teammates and co-workers. It actually gets rid of the notion that you can’t be friends with your competitors. The creation of friendly competitions will slowly lower down the occurrence of miscommunication and conflicts at the work place.

Understanding that you need to adjust to your team members’ attitude and quirks will begin your development of having a team player attitude. Strengthening your team’s cooperation in doing their assigned roles at work and other activities is a great sign of team work. This can only be achieved if they know the importance of how their individual roles affect the outcome of a task. During team building events, success or failure determines the way each of your members played.

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