Team Building Sydney: How to Handle Team Incompatibility

December 14, 2016

team building ideas Sydney

The assortment of people present in your team and their different personalities are just some of the factors that can be responsible why team incompatibility arise. Attributing the incompatibility to differing personal point of views, beliefs, moral and social values is also a way to resolve conflicts and start creating a more harmonious team relationship.

Organizing team building Sydney events that will make you face the reality of diversity within your team is a great way to begin to solve your team struggles. When forming a team, the ideal number of members should have the right combination of experience, expertise, personality traits, temperaments, thinking patterns and approaches.

  • Experience and expertise – Know that you should build a team with members who have been involved with the different industries related to your company and others who are sole experts in the field of business. This will allow your team to avoid having a unilateral function. Having someone within the team that knows the other fields of business helps in times of decision making because they know the effects of the decision that other fields might face.
  • Different personality traits and temperaments – Having the right amount of “attitude” is also a factor that will help your team counter the incompatibility. It is a known fact how taking risks is a big part of the corporate world. Maximizing your business growth requires big risks that members with cautious type personalities can’t handle. That is why the decisive and risk-takers members can even it out for you. Having people who can face the challenges straight helps out the team in managing crisis and risks very well.
  • Ideas from different thinking patterns and approaches – Your team needs a range of solutions coming of different thinkers. This will help you create out of the box ideas that will innovate the current work processes implemented in the organization. If you still have the same approach to solving team problems for years now, it will be high time to re-visit the type of ideas you’ve been using so far. Getting fresh solutions will take your team, as well as your business, further.

Diversity is a two bladed sword that can make or break a team. Know the root cause of the conflict to discover a way how you can address it. Listen to both sides of the story before you make a final decision. Create a decision that will be fair for all members to establish a resolution.

Remind your team to be respectful of each other at all times to make sure that conflicts can be easily avoided. Create programs where they can easily communicate and talk regarding their worries and concerns to bring light to some work issues. Develop your team and your members to avoid the feeling of getting left behind. Trust your team all the time. The working relationship that you have initially established together with them should last and foster work productivity.

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