Amazing Race Team Event in the CBD and Metro Beach Glenelg

December 15, 2016

With the year drawing a close the Bedford team decided to undertake our great team Amazing race Adelaide covering the CBD and metro beach Glenelg. On arrival their was a festivity in the air as well some vibes of the competitive spirit of the team. After a short intro and some insights into the recipes to succeed in today's race the race was underway.

First challenge would test out the commitment of this Bedford team with a leg burning mental course of paddle boating in the iconic Torrens river. As always the challenge is underestimated, but as the teams return to shore their stumbling suggests a serious workout. First to get away we're the green machine (green) and Just like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy (yellow) setting the pace from the outset.

The racers first leg would see the teams take on the sights and sounds and some iconic Adelaide stops in the North Terrace region. After a short visit to the Museum, Art Gallery and Haighs famous chocolates the racers would arrive at the Pancake kitchen for a Fear of conflict challenge.

As the teams quickly overcame any conflict with some hot of the press hot pancakes there was a flurry of pancakes, maybe syrup and more flying across the room and usually straight into the mouths of the hungry racers. Along with this pit stop the teams were tested on the mental aptitude with the paper scissors challenge. Most teams though outside the box trying to find the loop holes, but special mention must got the Chillipeppers (red) who successfully completed the challenge the correct way.

Racers would then head south towards the central markets for a bum burning eating challenge and then make their way to Glenelg beach for the next stanza of their race. During this leg racers would tested out their knowledge of South Australia and once again the Chillipeppers would come out with supreme knowledge. As this search for knowledge was going on the racers clearly leading the way were green Machine and Dream team (purple).

Last legs saw the teams arrive to Wigley reserve for a the water bottle challenge and today certainly did not disappoint with Black Knights (black) mastering the riddle and thinking with innovation to complete the task. It might have been too little to late.

The final stretch and race to this finish line at the foreshore would come down to a fast finishing Green Machine and the Youngsters of the A Team. Soon after there were the remaining Bedford teams. After the tallying of the NBA hoop challenge which was taken out by the white lightening (white.) Taking into account the exhaustive levels of transport as displayed by Titans (Blue) it would see the youngsters and energetic formula of the Dream Team to take out the prize today. At the other end of the scale and eventual wooden spooners were the black knights.

Once again another amazing team building BTB event and another happy and festive team that would certainly enjoy their holiday season with a great end to 2016.


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