Team Building Sydney: The First Signs of an Ineffective Team and How to Counter It

November 30, 2016

team building Sydney event

Like any other problems, your team’s ineffective teamwork will also show some symptoms. What will be required from you is the keenest sense that will enable you to pick up the signs before it worsens. Team issues and other work related problems will not be solved on their own. So as an appointed leader or a caring co-worker, you need to be able to identify these symptoms before it gets worse.

Team building Sydney and other events that will help build and foster good working relationships within your organization can take place after you have identified the symptoms. Check out some situations that might indicate a rift within your team:

  • Your team refuses to acknowledge the presence of a conflict. Conflicts have the power to make everyone uncomfortable that is why most people do not want to confront it head on. They just want to allow it to pass. However, this type of approach can be detrimental for team because unsolved issues can pop up along with future problems that your team might face. TIP: Know the source of the conflict and start addressing it as soon as possible so that everyone can avoid having these issues in the future.
  • Does not see each other eye to eye. When different personalities clash some people remains to be stubborn and decides to work on their own. It is safe to say that if your team has trust on each other they won’t think that working on their own will solve the issue. TIP: Allow your team to develop an action plan that will help them adjust their working style in accordance with other members’ attitude.
  • Does not develop a cohesive approach in decision making. The most important task that reflects your teamwork is when cohesive decisions are done. Work related issues greatly affect the decisions that your team make. The division and rift within your team will also be evident when making decisions. TIP: To avoid your team from splitting apart you need to get them to face the issues and make them see things from each other’s perspective to help them the point of view of each other.
  • Avoids each other and refuses to get together. A simple team dinner or a night out with your hard working team is a way to unwind stress from work that everyone would love to do. If you have initiated for these activities and noticed that a certain employee or group of employees is always missing out, you need to worry. They might be avoiding it deliberately. TIP: Talk to them and find out the reason why they don’t want to get together to help them properly adjust with the team.

Communication plays a great part in every conflict that emerges within your team. Learning the effective communication tools and developing communication networks within your team will make them more cohesive. Teamwork is a process that involves everyone’s cooperation. Great team management can be learned. Check out other articles from our blog for more tips!

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