Keeping Up with the Fast Paced City of Sydney with a Team Building Amazing Race

November 29, 2016

The biggest city in Australia staged todays event and with this as backdrop it was sure to be a cracking event in this fast paced city. The strategy department of BT is the team today that desires to have a super team building activity in Sydney.

The vibe and energy of the BT group meant that we were certainly going see a race with the competitive spirit clearly evident on arrival. Biting at the bit this team were keen to get racing around the beautiful sights and sounds of Sydney on what was a hot day.

The race started off with the team trust challenge to earn their first clue they fumbled their way through the challenge with some very funny approaches to communication being exhibited truly bringing to life the phrase blind leading the blind. 4 Guys and 1 Lady (Purple) and Blue Team (Blue) were fast out the gate with gun ho approach while High 5 (Navy Blue) spent more time crawling around, but eventually made their way into the race .

The first stanza of the race saw the teams racing around the darling harbour region and with million dollar yachts and buzz of activity the teams tested out their focus, the interpretations of the 5 dysfunctions and whether they could they track down an Emu to get a selfie with. The teams arrived to King St Wharf with a head of steam and few sweaty faces. First to arrive were the teams the Blue Team (bllue) and 4 Guys and 1 Lady (purple), with Pretty in Pink (pink) not far behind followed by the other 3 teams bringing up the tail.

Kicking off the second half of todays race the team shuttled into 3 water taxi's taking in the world famous icons of the Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera house all while almost dropping in on some tinseltown boat party along the way.

The last legs of the race would see the teams chopping and changing for the lead with High 5 (Navy) and Dakky (Green) and Pretty in Pink (Pink) team executing late resurgences, while front runner 4 guys and 1 lady (purple) began to drop back losing some late race momentum. The strategy team hit a bit of snag with the water bottle challenge which shuffled the order, however did see the Orangers (orange) come up with the cleverest approach to make up some much needed time as the raced through the challenge, although running in last at this stage.

As the race drew to a conclusion the fast portion of the race would see the blue team (team) with focused energy, consistency and speed arrive at the Argyle in Rocks in a quick time. Not far behind were the teams Pretty in Pink and Dakky racing to Amazing Race mat while tripping over one another. Much to the my surprise the leaders for most of the race 4 guys and 1 lady (purple) would arrive 4th and Orangers, while clever in their last challenge rolled in last.

After the scores were tallied the final positions of the race would see a number of changes proving once again a clever strategy utilising modes of transport and supreme trivia knowledge is the ultimate formula.

Blue team (blue) put all their creativity into their race and not their name as from start to finish executed the perfect race to day taking home the coveted Beyond the Boardroom medals. While Pretty in Pink (pink) claimed the small title of Transport kings and Dakky (Green) showing that they really know their city. Big suprise todays though came from 4 guys and 1 Lady (purple) who went from 1st to last with some dubious strategies of sabotage which earnt them the wooden spoon.

Over all another cracking day and a great amazing race team event in the city of Sydney.


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