Team Building Tips: Personality Traits, Work Approaches and Thinking Styles

December 26, 2016

team building Australia tips

Works aspects, such as team compatibility, depend on the various personality traits and thinking styles of each individual that forms the team. The proper assessment of these personality factors when forming a team will greatly affect the teamwork.

The collective effort shown by your team during team building activities Australia is an evidence of how well they adjusted with each other’s different personalities. This can also be observed in day to day activities in the office. By closely observing your team, you can surely see who works well with whom and who clashes ideas with whom often.

Unique traits possessed by each of your team members are directly affected by their own personal belief, job and life experiences, educational and social influences and as well as their background. The traits that they possess directly translate to their work approaches and thinking styles. As much as you would like to create a harmonious team relationship by bringing in people with same personality types to your team, you would also need to consider the diversity that needs to be established so that you can be able to balance your team.

Building a successful team requires you to gather diverse members with differing perspectives and varying approaches to work. It might be hard to work around the diversity of your team but once the work relationships are established this different perspectives and diversity in thinking styles will bring about the innovation that will work in many different platforms of the business. The various viewpoints of your team members will offer many different opinions and strategies that will solve your team struggles and challenges in different ways. Having this kind of choices will allow your team to grow and be more functional since they will be able to properly identify the strategy that works for them.

For you to be able to bring in the right mix of team members, you need to be able to assess your team’s personality traits by making use of scientific personality traits approved by your company’s Human Resources Department. This personality measurement tool will help you determine the right people to be assigned to your team. This can also aid you in assigning roles for your team members once the team has been formed. As a team leader, the results of such tests will make you better understand what to expect from each of your team members.

You can make use of many different qualitative tools, most of which depends on your organization’s needs. Whatever personality traits measuring tool you use make sure that you have created a diverse team. Keep in mind that it is very important to have the right people when forming your team. It is like setting the base for the team whom you want to accomplish the organizational goals with. This foundation needs to embody the best for your company in order for you to easily achieve your objectives. For more team building South Australia ideas and tips, read our blog today!

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