Competitive Team Amazing Race Adelaide from the Thunderbirds Team!

December 22, 2016

A beautiful summers morning greeted the Adelaide Thunderbirds team and support staff for what would be an exciting and competitive morning for an Adelaide Amazing Race team event!!

The paddle boat race proved that even with high fitness levels this challenge is a leg burner for all!! with disembarking members feeling the after effects..

After the paddle boats all teams were off on their way though the city completing the 'blindfold' communication challenge at Memorial Gardens. With different forms of non verbal communication, some teams found their communicating strategy could perhaps have been done differently.

From there teams worked their way through the city before arriving at the Pancake Kitchen, and to most members delight the thought of eating pancakes didn't disappoint!! the paper scissor challenge proved to be just that for some teams whilst others did it in almost record time.

The teams then worked their way south through to the Central markets before heading north again for their final challenges before finishing at the rooftop bar "The Gallery Hotel"

The final scores proved that the fastest teams are not always the winners! , with the teams coming first and second being the last 2 teams to finish, but gaining massive time deductions from their transport pics. Second placed Aloysius Parker amounting an almost record 45 modes!!

Creative photos were outstanding and hard to separate with Grandma Tracey and Professor Moffat receiving perfect 10's. This has been a very exciting Adelaide team building event with lots of laughs and bonding for the Adelaide Thunderbirds team.

Final placings on the day were :
1st Grandma Tracey - 1hr 35 1/2 min
2nd Aloysius Parker - 1 hr 37 min
3rd Professor Moffat - 1 hr 47 min
4th Lady Penelope - 1 hr 58 min
5th Doctor Peck - 2 hrs 18 1/2 min


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