Helping Hands: A Touching CSR Team Building Sydney Event

February 3, 2017

Team building programs with a cause bigger than themselves and give back to the community are becoming more and more popular.

The activity we ran today was for a group of 60 people and we built 13 prosthetic hands that are going to be sent to landmine victims throughout the world. The hands are an ingenious design, simple and effective and allow amputees to do simple everyday activities like hold a spoon, ride a bike, write a letter etc which are things we all take for granted every day.

The group were visibly moved by the stories of the recipients of the hands and how their team building activity had positively changed the lives of those that are far less fortunate that the majority of us. It was a fantastic heartfelt program and the engagement of participants was amazing due to the connection people felt with the activity.

Helping Hands was a great program that will be etched in the memory of all that were involved.


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