Team Building Tip: Simple Ways to Thank Your Team

February 6, 2017

team building Australia showing gratitude

Appreciation for your team members doesn’t automatically mean giving out of cash incentives. Though it is the most common form of showing appreciation and thanks to your team members, there are also other simple ways that can make them feel MORE appreciated.

Simple tokens of appreciation that can motivate your team will provide them with the enthusiasm for them to improve the quality of their work. Team building activities Australia and other events that promotes teamwork can also be included as a way of showing gratitude to your team. However, if you don’t have enough time to prepare for big events, you can check this list for simple ways of expressing your appreciation towards your team.

  • Allowing your team to be off from work early. There may be a lot of work that needs to be done for the day but you can send your team for an afternoon off. Giving them their deserved time off from work is also a way of telling them that they’ve work hard enough.
  • Small gifts. Personally selecting gifts that will fit each of your team members’ interest is a way of telling them how well you know them. The gift is the appreciation token while you knowing what they like is a reminder of the working relationship you’ve established so far.
  • Happy hour. Organize a happy hour for your team. You can opt for an indoor or outdoor setting for this team event since there are a lot of activities that you can choose from. If you want to have it in your office, you can easily conceptualize a small Minute to win it competition for everyone. You can also organize a team dinner or any other activity that might interest them. Just note that you need to make it lively since it is a HAPPY HOUR!
  • Acknowledging through the company’s intranet email. Announce the great work of your team’s achievement by making a congratulatory email for your team members in your intranet email. Creating the announcement email just takes a few minutes, but giving the credits where it is due and making it known to everyone is a way of reminding your team how their performance is being celebrated by the whole organization. This also motivates them to do better in the future.
  • Tell them. The simplest way of showing gratitude to your team is by telling them how well they have done their work. This may seem simple but most managers and team leaders have a hard in expressing their gratitude towards their team. Telling them a simple “Thank you for your hard work” has the power to make your team members to be more motivated in doing their tasks.

There is nothing wrong with expressing gratitude in a simple way. The most sincere thank you can warm your team’s hearts and can make them happier in doing the tasks that they are assigned to do. Create a balance in work, give advice to your team when they make mistakes and appreciate them for their hard work if they have done well. Make it a habit and see how your teamwork will improve. Read more team building articles now!

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