High Performance Team and Goal Setting

January 30, 2017

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A successful person will be different from the rest on terms of his or her goals. They typically establish goals, focus on it and work hard to achieve it. This principle can also be applied unto a collective form, the team. Goat setting is the most common starting point that will guide your team on all of the work that needs to be done. Team goals acts as the GPS that will help your team find their respective roles and tasks to successfully complete a project. Various team building activities Adelaide are designed to help your team develop a goal that can be used for your team’s increased performance.

How to set goals?

  • Generate a specific goal. Your organization or company may have various goals that they set every month. This goals can vary from hitting sales records, achieving maximum client satisfaction and low even employee turnover. As you come across the team project that you will be doing together with your members, you need to be more specific with your goals. Ask your team the question “What do you want to achieve?” to get the precise answer you need.
  • Establish time frame. After knowing what you want to get out of the work that you will be doing together with your team, you now need to have a clear timeline for the job. Goals are made in line with a time frame. You also need to consider the division of tasks when creating a time frame for the goal. All tasks related to the team project should have a timeline and the most important aspect is adding window hour(s) to the timeline in case there will be problems.
  • Keep it real. Most teams fail because of unrealistic goals. Keep your goals realistic and make it work for your team. Your team’s performance depends on the goals you set for them. Make them work towards a goal that benefits the organization and its members. Be firm about deadlines but be considerate of the work done. Giving your team a challenging yet realistic goal is the best way to make them more productive.
  • Team involvement towards the goal. Stress the importance of each member’s involvement to keep your team working hand in hand. Remind them of their important roles so that the goal won’t be of their sight. Teamwork is an essential ingredient for your team to be on their best performance. Working together towards a common goal establishes the needed work relationships that will make your team an unbeatable unit within the organization.

Establishing clear goals for your team is a necessary action you need to make in the initial stage of developing your team. Making them work with a clear goal in mind helps them to be more productive.

In creating your team goals, you need to be more specific and direct. You team members will like it if they too have a contribution in establishing the goals so it will also be best if you ask what their goals are. For more team building information, visit Beyond the Boardroom Australia blog today!


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