Team Building Sydney: How Team Size Affects Team Performance?

January 25, 2017

team building Sydney team performance

When organizations and companies plan to form a team that will work for special projects, the size of the team is always a factor to be considered. Knowing the number of people needed to accomplish tasks for your company will benefit your organization in many ways. Before you organize team building Sydney events, you first need to get the size of your team right.

Experts say that the ideal team size will be at around 5-10 members. Managing and progress monitoring will be a lot easier if the members of your team are around these numbers. But before you start letting go of your members, see to it that the number of team members you have is sufficient to the amount of work that your team needs to accomplish. Having 5-10 team members is a safe number.

  • Team Management. The greatest benefit that you can get when you know the ideal size of your team is the ease management. You won’t be having a hard time knowing your team better if you have a manageable team size. Your work rapport will be more cohesive and interdependent. Monitoring work progress and outlining roles within the team will be clearly defined.
  • Unnecessary Costs. Having the right number of people to work for certain tasks will help you save on operational costs. You no longer have to pay for three or more employees for a job that is possible to be accomplished by less people. This can be very beneficial for startup business; getting your numbers right will help you align your finances on more important aspects of the business. TIP: You need to be reasonable in making sure that the amount of work is feasible for a small number of people.
  • Close knitted work relationship. A team that started from a small group and that has developed trust over the time can build stronger work relations. Teamwork naturally develops for teams who have the foundation of trust. Decision making and accountability will be more evident in teams who have started it small. You cannot forever work in a small team but the work relationship you’ve established from a small team can strengthen a much bigger team.
  • Ideas. Small teams might lack the diversity of perspective when solving an issue. The availability of varied ideas is also affected if it is limited with the number of “thinkers” in the group. Compared to that of a larger group, thinking out of the box and innovative solution will be much harder. However, if you and your team can work on challenges like this, your small team can still look forward in getting creative and innovative solutions.

The number of members within the team greatly affects work output and working relationships. If you’re trying to establish your business it’s better to start with a smaller team. Depending on the nature of your business, you’ll also be required to get a bigger team, what you need to keep in mind is to establish good working relationship that will last for your team to be more productive.

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