How To Help Your Team Understand Rules and Impose Them

June 26, 2017

team building Australia following rules

People tend to hate rules, especially in the workplace. Companies have rules to avoid people who cannot be trusted take advantage of certain situations. There are rules so that the company can protect its people as well. Established rules are there for a reason and if you are a team leader, you know how well it keeps everything working harmoniously. If you are a leader and you are having a hard time imposing them, team building Melbourne has activities that can help you and your team out.

We listed out some ways to help out leaders enforce the rule their company has.

Make sure that the rules you have are justifiable. It should also relate to the niche of the business not just because you said so. You must be ready to defend this rule and explain to your team how it helps the organization.

Explain and make your team understand the value of the rule.  If they understand how the rules help both the company and the employees, there are higher chances that they will accept and follow it. Make sure that you educate your team properly about the rules so that they can back you out when other members of the team do not understand it.

Make sure that the consequences of not following the rules are clear to them. When you enforce the rule, it must be done equally. If you only apply it to people you favor, it will tear the team and the rule will be subjected to review.

Regularly review the rules. As time goes by, some rules should not be applied anymore. The reason is that there is constant change in our environment and we cannot keep a rule if it does not give any significance to the company or for the individuals working in the company. For example, the company made rules for internet usage but for people who look for job applicants, it should not be applied anymore since it is one of their resources. You cannot limit their internet usage because it will affect their work progress and later on the company.

Make sure that you communicate the new rules and the changes done on the old ones. There are a lot of ways to communicate with your team. State the reason why the rule is exists and why it was changed or why it needs to be reinforced. Make sure that you do not leave out the information on how it will help your company and them as well.

Train some members of your team to impose the rules. If communicating properly is not enough, have some team members help you enforce it. Make sure that the team member you are assigning the task with, also follows the rules diligently.

Following rules is not just for the organization's well-being but the well-being of each individual working in that organization. If you want more tips and help on how to enforce rules in your team, contact Beyond the Boardroom now!

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