How To Be A Leader That Your Team Wants To Follow

June 28, 2017

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Being a team leader does not automatically mean that your team will want to follow a leader like you. They will follow you out of respect to authority but wanting to comply with you is a different story. Your team will want to follow a leader like you once you have earned their trust, confidence, and respect. You can be a leader that your team members admire but it will take a lot of dedication to do so. Team building activities Sydney have leadership programs to help out leaders develop an admirable leadership strategy.

We listed out some ways on how you can be the leader that your team would want to follow.

  1. Give respect so it will be given back to you. As a leader, there will come a time that circumstances will test your respect for people. Some of your team members will push all the wrong buttons just to test how far your respect for people can go. For example, a team member who is constantly late no matter how many times you have given reminders. This team member also reasons out unjustly to you. If other members of your team see that you keep a civilized manner in dealing with the situation, it will serve as an example for them to follow.
  2. Inform and inspire your team members by how you communicate with them. Effective and informative communication will not just motivate and persuade your team, it will also inspire them to keep that form of communication flowing. It will avoid conflicts that can happen because of miscommunication.
  3. Lead with generosity. Generosity is not just about giving people something that has monetary value. You can lead generously when you give enough time to your team members. You can be generous by giving them encouragement with the tasks they are having a hard time with and you can trust them by giving responsibilities.
  4. Inspire them by showing your passion for everything that you do. If they see how passionate you work on things, it will wear off on them. Being passionate and enthusiastic in things that you do will make them see that what you are trying to accomplish is worth the while.
  5. Practice humbleness but never let anyone push you over. Being a humble leader does not necessarily mean that you do not take the credit for your work or the ideas you made, it is being responsible in some way. It being responsible for your mistakes and by acknowledging the fact that your team members are better at some things that you are not.
  6. Make yourself accountable for all the decision your team will take. Sometimes, leaders have to make difficult decisions not just for themselves but for their team as well. As a leader, you should make yourself accountable to whatever decision your team has arrived in. They will see that you are worthy to be followed because you possess qualities a great leader must have.
  7. Have courage. There will be times that you will be scared of failures, competition and taking a risk. You must have the courage and look fear in the eyes. This will show your team why they should follow a leader like you.

Being a leader does not take over right away for some people but great leadership can be practiced as time goes by. If you want more tips on how to be a great leader, contact Beyond the Boardroom now!

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