How to recover from a work related breakdown

August 7, 2017

team building Sydney recovers from role breakdown

Employees becoming emotionally and physically exhausted from work is more common than you might think. Staff using their sick days for their mental health, thinking if they hit that "mental recharge button" they will find fresh enthusiasm, however once returning back to work, finding the same familiar feeling of exhaustion creeping back in...potentially leading to a breakdown.

If this feeling is all too familiar, it might worth be doing a mental check in. Team building activities Sydney have listed a few things to ask yourself so you can jump on it becomes it becomes more serious. 

  • You feel that every day of your work is going to be a bad day.
  • You feel exhausted even without starting work yet.
  • You feel nothing but sadness in your work.
  • You feel like you cannot do your tasks anymore.
  • Your patience seems to last quicker than it used to.

Some people tend to brush away breakdowns because they think of survival rather than enjoying their workplace. They tend to think that they need the job and they cannot afford feeling like this. You have to deal with this because it can harm you in the long run if you do not. If you are seeing these signs in you, here's how to light those embers of passion for your role again.

Identify why you are having the breakdown in the first place. You have to know the cause so you can assess the solution that is needed to deal with the effects and in the future, avoid it from happening again.

Breakdowns usually mean that you are paying less attention to your health. You have to take care of yourself to avoid breakdowns. The best way you can do this is by simply getting enough sleep and eating well enough.

Take a vacation. Use this time to gain new perspective, come up with solving breakdowns currently and in the near future so you would not feel so bad about your work.

Reevaluate the goals you have. One of the reasons you are having a breakdown because the situation you are in right now is not helping you reach any of your goals.

Politely say no if you cannot do the task anymore. Your leader may be giving you too much work and you are not even complaining or reaching out that you already have too much on your plate. You have to reach out to your leader because they might also be thinking that you do not have much to do since you kept on accepting the tasks. Tell your leader so he can delegate it to your other team members who are not fully loaded yet.

Train yourself to have more positive thought than negative ones. Breakdowns tend to keep your thoughts in a negative cycle and you are the only one who can break it. You have to keep your thoughts occupied by positive thoughts to avoid breakdowns. Learn to appreciate yourself and celebrate even the most little accomplishment you have made. Keep yourself motivated because you cannot put that responsibility on someone other than yourself. 

Role breakdowns cannot be avoided but following our simple tips can go a long way. For more tips, read more from our blog!

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