Reasons Why Your Team Has Poor Performance

February 20, 2017

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Companies, organizations and businesses create teams to make sure that every aspect of the business is well taken care of. They put their trust in these teams to make the company more productive and at par with its competitors.

Improving work performance is not solely dependent on team building Australia activities. There are also other factors that you need to look at if you want to improve the productivity and performance of your team. Check the list below for more information:

  1. Inadequate Resources – Your team needs to have access to the resources that they need to make their work fast and effective as possible. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to expect a proper output if your team has limited resources when doing their tasks. Work related resources is not just limited to fund and technology, you can also include management support in this factor.
  2. Heavy Workloads – It is not healthy to increase the amount of work for your team overnight. If additional workload is inevitable for a project, make sure that your team will be able to handle it. The amount of stress and pressure that your team gets from the workload that you assign to them has a direct effect to the team’s performance. Make sure that you properly allocate the work and tasks within your team so that there will be a shared responsibility over the project.
  3. Performance Metrics System - Most companies make use of metrics system to established numerical measure for team performance. Though they are scientifically measured, appraisals and other performance measures may have an adverse effect to your team if they are conducted with bias. Make sure that bias for performance appraisals is eliminated so that you’ll be able to achieve useful data.
  4. Member Selection – When you want your team to move forward, you need to make sure that every member is perfectly suited with the team. If a member of your team is finding it hard to adjust and perform according to your team’s pace, know the reason why. You can create an action plan to make him cope with the team. If a part of the team is unable to do his work, this will greatly affect your team, especially on the continuity of the tasks and finishing the work within the set deadline.
  5. Poor Leadership – Know that your team reflects your kind of leadership. If you want your team to perform better, you yourself need to set an example for your expectations. Be an active leader that engages in your team activities. Be available for your team when they need encouragement, motivation and other work related stuff. Make sure that you are able to promote enthusiasm at work to keep your team moving from where you left them off with your instructions.

Poor team performance, just like any other unhealthy aspects of the corporate world can be prevented with the right amount of knowledge. Applying practical tips that will help you and your team is a call for every leader. Knowing the right remedy for your team’s imbalance depends on the leader’s decision making and knowledge. Read more here, for more tips!

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