Tips to Follow When You’re In Charge of the Team

February 22, 2017

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During team building Sydney activities, most of your members may group themselves according to their preferences. They might end up choosing the people that they are comfortable with and other may end up with people they want to know more about. No matter how your employees are divided, there will always be a person who will represent the team as their leader.

When you are tasked to lead the group, what do you usually do? Do you take the job easily? Or do you have reservations because you somehow doubt your skills when it comes to leading the team? For you to properly lead here are some tips that Beyond the Boardroom finds helpful for every team that they’ve work with in the past:

  • Create a working team – Establish a working team! Before you bring in your team members what you need to do first is to create goals, purpose, roles and work procedures that will serve as guidelines for your team to function well. These are necessary for your team to have a direction once your members are already on board. Goals and procedures will help you in leading your team properly.
  • Create a connection – Make your team members a part of the whole team. Establish a connection that will tie the members together. The most common example for this is when you include your members in establishing a goal for the team. Having them included in the goal setting will make them feel more valued.
  • Lead people – Embody the type of person that you want to work with. If you want your team to be prompt on their work and comply with the deadlines you sent, you yourself should set an example. You will be able to lead your team better if they are able to see that the person who is in charge of the team is also a good follower.
  • Know your resources – A good leader knows his resources well. For your team to function well, you need to be able to support them with the needed money, technology, people, knowledge and more. Your team expects you to fully support them with all the resources that you can put forth that’s why it is very important for a leader to know the team’s resources just like the back of his hand.
  • Celebrate your team’s accomplishments – Being proud of your team success, may it be small or big, is a great way to boost your team’s morale. When your team’s accomplishments are recognized they feel that their hard work has been repaid somehow. Small celebrations, tokens of appreciation and thankful gestures, even a pat in the back can really make a change.

Everyone has the potential to become a leader; all it takes is the courage to step up. The skills and knowledge of leaders is a product of many different experiences and challenges that they have faced together with their team. You might start off as a clumsy one but with the right training you skills will be polished. If you want good leadership training in Australia, contact Beyond the Boardroom now!

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