Team Bonding VS Team Building Events

October 23, 2017

team building melbourne team bonding

For teams to work together they need unity and collaboration. A team meaning two or more people, not just an individual. To better understand team bonding and team events, we will differentiate the two.

Whenever a company, a club or an organisation participates in team building events, they establish team bonding. Team bonding brings out the best in each team member and it develops their skills and character with the help of each activity in the program which everyone must participate. It is also another way for them to get to know each other and to make all of the team members create a sense of belonging to their group.

More and more companies, clubs or organisations are starting to see value in establishing personal development in a team. It creates a chance for every team member acquainted with each other, share experiences, realisations, learning, ideas and changes. In other words, it can be stated as sharing a bit of your life together. Team bonding, requires strong connection and the programme is usually short which may be too short for some teams. We define team bonding as short-term boost which consolidates some fun-filled day for them to relax, to do something out of the traditional routine and connect on a more personal level. It is also a way to reward your team member their hard work.

Team building Melbourne aims to turn a group of people or employees into a one working unit. This group of people will work to together for one purpose – to conquer battles, win in every activity or task and face bigger challenges that are given to them along the way. It recognizes the communication skills and functions of every team member. This is for them to contribute their ideas and strengths in the team building activities. Usually, a team building program runs two to three days and  you have to rent a camp site or a resort for a venue. It can be an overnight event where the focus is more on play and fun. The location must have a lot of space to do the activities. This kind of event includes cooperative exercises, physically challenging activities, group collaborations and connected games relevant for the  work field. One of the advantages team building events give is it magnifies the productivity of all team members and gives an abiding result of investment for the team.

Whilst both Team Bonding and Team Building Events are chiefly designed team performance development. Team Bonding's goal is developing deeper connection while team building's goal is empowering leadership and enhancing teamwork skills. Both of these are effective in terms of engaging team members in reaching the ultimate goal of the company, club or the organization. Beyond the boardroom offers a lot of team building activities and events you can choose from. Contact us now!

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