Changing company culture through recruitment and team building activities

October 30, 2017

team building Melbourne activity

Acknowledging the vital importance of each and every employee, ideally is the foremost concern for every employer. Hiring the right people from the get go is vital, starting on the right path  with efficient, competitive, dedicated personnel that share the same company values.

Training and work orientations are the next stage in the process. Some companies now include team building activities as a part of this, helping to prepare staff psychologically for their new role, allowing them to adapt the culture of the company.

The team building activities Melbourne includes awareness on the conducive and safe work place, healthy environment and other benefits would be shown in the group team building activities, whereby mentioned below:

  • Employees’ belongingness – Team and group leaders’ presence is to show supervision in getting the cooperation and coordination towards productivity without delay not compromising quantity and quality levels. The duty and responsibility of leaders joining the team building is to show support and belongingness. The mental and physical strength of the team lies not only on the good leadership likewise engaging the work force as co-workers.
  • Encountering differences – Failures are met, glitzes happen in less expected time. A control mechanism must be in place, a dependable leaders’ commitments and motivations play a lead role to lessen, reduce and totally eradicate in differences as spotted on its early stage. Thus, listening more than talking is the golden rule.
  • Communication – Seeing each other eyes, in one direction, with one objective – the desired positive results. At every team building activity, these relate as a give and take scheme through the effort of middle management explaining the culture of the company.
  • Efficient employees – There are who excel more than what is expected. Leaders notice them easily, they listen attentively during team building activity, a possible candidate to succession. It is in this criteria management will act on the deserving employee, likewise an opportunity to a middle management to be elevated in a higher position.
  • Planning target goals – In view of financial stability, the management had set all department levels about profits for the year. And, the group must participate in the discussion to reflect on the desired result which is to gain victory in team building activity, it is the number one priority. Goal setting comes first. Goal setting is a strategic map, a guide to follow in achieving the desired target goal.

Furthermore, having a positive attitude, cohesiveness and passion towards work assignments are the ingredients to keep the company stable.
Remarkably, whether a single proprietorship, partnership or a corporation with a distinctive business culture labelled on its hat is an edge to reckon with business competitors. And lastly, definitely, it is possible to attain the desired culture of a company in just one team building activity. If you are interested with conducting a team building event for your team, do not hesitate and contact us now!


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