Team Building: Using the F.A.C.T.S. Model for Cooperation

January 2, 2017

team building Australia event for cooperation

Cooperation within the team is a result of endless hard work in establishing great working relationships. Aside from personality factors, one other thing that can affect cooperation is the regular occurrence of team building activities Melbourne. Knowing that most tasks in the office require team work is the main reason why a lot of businesses and companies organize team activities.

To guide you in facilitating cooperation within your team, Beyond the Boardroom Australia shares with you the FACTS model. Check out below:

Follow-through – Once done with assigning individual tasks to your team members, you’ll often hear the response “We’ll get it done!” almost immediately. For the task to be completely done, each member of your team needs to be responsible of the tasks assigned to them. The continuous flow of work from one member to another with follow-through is a process that should be included in your team’s work flow. Each member should be aware that whatever they do or will not do will affect everyone in the team.

Accuracy – Doing the tasks right the first time is what makes your team efficient. The practice of performing tasks in an accurate manner is a reflection not just of your team’s skills. It also represents the quality of standards that your team upholds.

Creativity – Fostering the creativity and innovativeness within your team will require a risk. However, the risks are considerably lowered in the environment of a cooperative team. Presenting a new and creative idea to a team with a mind of cooperation will help you transform and develop the idea into a reality. Team members will aid your idea to work and progress to success because they can openly criticize the weak points of the innovation without hurting the idea generator.

Timeliness – Respecting each other’s time is also a factor that will help you build cooperation within your team. Priorities and schedules should abide each other’s time. Coming into a meeting or activity of the team on time is a clear indicator of respecting the time of others. You and your team should be able to work promptly. Aside from the deadlines set by the team manager, there are a lot of other things that the team considers when working for a project. That is why it is best to take into consideration the time of others when working for a team.

Spirit – The feeling of belongingness should be properly established in a cooperative team. Having the team spirit, where you consider your team as a “family” at work. Learn that as a family, you cannot have your way all the time. You should be able to consider being generous with them as well. Make sure that you know how to value each member of your team and that you can communicate effectively despite the difference in opinion or ideas. And most of all work in a way that you can all develop trust towards each other.

You and your team should learn how function in a more cooperative manner when you are guided with rules and principles that everyone can abide to. Build your success and be able to cherish your team’s achievements through cooperation. Learn more about team building through our blog!

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