Team Building Sydney: What Makes a Good Leader?

January 4, 2017

team building Sydney what makes a good leader

Having an effective team does not solely depend on the skills and knowledge that the members need to possess. Half of the work that the team needs to accomplish is dependent on the leader’s skills. A leader serves as the captain of the ship that the team is sailing. Success comes to the team if the leader compliments the members perfectly.

Team building Sydney leadership skills development seminar organized is an event that you can attend if you want to learn more about being a good leader. Constantly improving and acquiring more knowledge about being a good leader will mold to become better in your craft. In order to build a functional team, the leader also needs to step up. Here are some qualities that every member expects from their leader:

  • Accountability – Having your team’s back is the first expectation from your team that every leader should face. This does not necessarily mean that you need to back your team ALL the time but being able to defend your team if they are right is an expectation that a leader should fulfill. Defending your team’s ideas to immediate superiors and directors is a sign that you are accountable for your team’s collective efforts.
  • Trust – Giving your team the trust that they need to work on a project is a great factor that will determine the effort and hard work that your members will put into the tasks. Giving trust is a two way relationship that your team should always have. Keep in mind that you also need to give your trust to your team for them to trust you back. Do not go back on your words and keep your promises so that you can easily establish the network of trust within your team.
  • Walk the Talk – A good team leader knows how to walk the talk. They know when to help out their team and they also have the knowledge in doing what needs to be done in order for the team to succeed. Getting involved with the work that your team is doing is not a sign of not trusting them, it is a clear indication that you can help anytime they need assistance. Being able to help your team even in mundane tasks will make your team realize how you value the outcome of the project.
  • Inspiration – A leader inspires his members to strive for the best for them to succeed individually and as a team. It is never wrong to help your team members succeed individually. Remember that they will not be forever function as staff and it is a big accomplishment to a leader to see his team members grow and excel as professional. The success of your individual members is a success for your team.
  • Transparent – Transparency in the team reflects on the communication system that a leader implements. If there big decisions and changes that the company would want to disseminate to the team, the leader should be the first hand source of the information. Being transparent to your members is a source of trust.

These are just a few expectations that your members might have on their leader. You can always refer to this list and use it as guide if you want to build an effective team. For more team building tips, contact Beyond the Boardroom today!

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